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Quickwork Business Automation

With AI & Chatbots

One chatbot for all your business needs

  • Integration

    Easy API-based integration with most systems and applications.  Simplified integration through few clicks!

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  • Secure

    Follows best-in-class cloud and data security practices to protect privacy and confidentiality needs of our customers. 

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  • Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

    Combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots to create real-time visibility in business processes.

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Perfect for organizations of every size, any industry vertical

Quickwork offers massive value through quick automation of business processes, thus enabling teams to focus on high-value work

Premium CHATBOT backed bygreat user experience and friendly support

Our customers love interacting in natural language with their complex business systems.

Instant setup and activation of chatbot for any number of users. Comes ready with feature-set used most frequently by teams:

     - Custom chatbot image
     - Company/Team branding 
     - Check-in / out
     - Share an Update
     - Data Forms
     - Performance Rating & Review
     - Reports on chatbot and dashboard 

Pre-integrated with 100s of business and consumer apps. Powerful Add-ons available which can be added to the chatbot quickly and instantly.


$ 1.99
Per Month, Per User.
Billed Annually.
Excluding GST.
  • FREE account for Team size 1 to 15
  • 12 X 6 Phone & Chat Support
  • Enterprise- grade Security
  • Multi-lingual
  • Voice & Text
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Works on top social messengers
  • Works on top social messengers
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Custom Workflows Automated

Quickwork can automate custom workflows, small or large, simple or complex, very quickly with our proprietary Automation platform.  Minimize waste and variance by automating repetitive tasks, setting rules-based reminders and notifications, getting dynamic reports with analytics, and working with real-time business intelligence. 

  • Simple & Transparent Pricing Structure

    • Automation Setup (one-time)
      Monthly Usage Charges
    • Integration Charges (if required)
  • No Obligation Free Pilots

     We offer no obligation free pilots - feel free to reach out to us to try a an automation pilot.